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Heatpump boiler

The heat generated by the heat pump comes from the air. This is up to three times as efficient as conventional heating. In this way you save considerably on energy bills and you also contribute to a cleaner environment; the heat pump ensures a much lower CO2 emission than conventional technologies. The system remains operational at both low and high temperatures. Even when it is freezing or tropical warm, you can still use the air-to-water heat pump.

The efficiency of a heat pump boiler is mainly determined by the following factors:

The temperature of the air drawn in (the warmer, the more efficient.)

The final temperature of the water (the warmer, the less efficient)

On average, a heat pump boiler will have an efficiency of around COP 2.9 during the heating process. That means that 1.0 kWh of electricity is needed to produce 2.9 kWh of heat.

The heat pump unit works with an outside air supply temperature of 4 to 43 ° C.

The Tesy heat pump is included in the list of the Government's Sustainable Energy Investment Program. With this subsidy, the government wants to encourage the use of sustainable energy. After you have purchased the Tesy heat pump, you can reclaim € 1100 in subsidy from the government.

A list of heat pumps has been published on the government site to which the subsidy applies. In this list the heat pump is included in the list of tap water heat pump.

http://www.rvo.nl/subsidies-regelingen/investeringssubsidie- sustainable-energy

This subsidy applies to both companies and individuals.

Heatpump boiler

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