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Anti Mold tape

Mold often occurs in poorly insulated bathrooms or other living and living units. The combination of poor ventilation and moisture will cause mold, usually starting in the corners near the ceiling or floor.

A possibility to prevent mold is of course good ventilation. If this does not help, you can of course always use an antifungal paint.

On the other hand, it is also possible to use a heater.

The 2HEAT Anti Mold band has a width of 50 mm and a thickness of 1 mm at most, and can therefore be stuck behind a skirting board. The capacity per square is 330W.

The 2HEAT Anti Mold Tape is very easy to apply because the heating is fixed in a tape that is provided with an adhesive layer.

The 2HEAT Anti Mold Tape can also be mounted behind tiles, but it can also be incorporated in the stuck. Every 2HEAT Anti Mold band has a ceramic connection clamp. This allows it to be easily connected to a transformer or looped through with other 2HEAT Anti-fungal bands.

The 2HEAT Anti Mold band operates on a voltage of 24Vac / dc and can therefore also be used in bathrooms. The 2HEAT Anti Mold band is available in various lengths;

Length: Power:

0.45 meter 10.00 Watt

0.70 meters 15.00 watts

0.85 meter 18.00 Watt

1.35 meter 30.00 Watt

2.30 meter 50.00 Watt

3.20 meters 70.00 watts

Anti Mold tape

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