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Patio heaters fitted with a lamp immediately emit heat when switched on. There are various radiators available, but we have a model that is provided with a solid connection cable, namely neoprene H07 with a molded plug. This connection cable is equipped with internal conductors of 3x1.5mm2. Most heaters have thinner conductors or a thinner (H05) connection cable. The lamps used are of high quality and suitable for a long service life.

The Powerheaters are equipped with a covered ceramic element. A specially modified aluminum front ensures good heat transmission. The entire heater is black coated. Available in 1000W or 1500W.

The stainless steel heaters against that do not have a lamp but a ceramic heating element. These elements are extremely reliable and do not need to be replaced. This ceramic element glows very little so that the IR-B radiation is released so that the heat can be felt very well. The stainless steel heaters are not provided with a connection cable, but can be ordered separately.


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