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1mm FEP cables

The FEP cables is a heat wire that is wrapped with a polymer: FEP. FEP is a derivative of TEFLON (patented by Dupont) which can "have" a high temperature and another property is that it is chemical resistant. The thickness of the FEP heating wire is approx. 1 mm and can be used for various applications: under laminate, in tile adhesive, in animals, for inside and outside. Each FEP heating wire is supplied with a connecting cable on both sides. The 230V version has a blue and black connecting wire of 150 cm (minimum 1.5 mm2) and the FEP heating wires up to and including 50 Volts are supplied with a red and black connecting wire with a length of 150 cm.

1mm FEP heating wires and cables

1mm FEP cables

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