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6mm heatingcable sets

The 6 mm heating cable is ideal for spaces where a finishing floor is installed. The robustness of this heating cable is particularly high, which is partly due to the construction. This heating cable has a power of 20W / mtr, with a loop distance of 10 cm the power is 200W / m2, with a loop distance of 15cm the power is 150W / m2 and with a loop distance of 20cm the power is 100W / m2.

Mounting in sand / cement floor or concrete

Average power;

Living room: 60 ~ 120W / m2

Kitchen: 60 ~ 120W / m2

Utility room: 100 ~ 150W / m2

Hall: 100 ~ 150W / m2

Bathroom / toilet: 120 ~ 150W / m2

Bedroom: 60 ~ 120W / m2

Office: 100 ~ 150W / m2

Garage: 60 ~ 120W / m2

(note: the above is an indication)

6mm heatingcable sets

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