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Boilers are one of the simplest and most affordable solutions for hot water. Boilers can work efficiently, this is partly due to the insulation but also the entire structure of the device. Power from 1500W, 230Vac. Optionally, the S12 electronic water softener can be chosen. The S12 sends out certain frequencies, as a result of which the lime molecules do not, or less well, adhere to the heating element. It is also possible to opt for an inlet combination of 8 bar from Flamco.

10 ~ 15 liters: sink, sink

30 ~ 50 liters: for 1 person

50 ~ 80ltr: for 2 people

80 ~ 100ltr: for 3 people (bathtub)

100 ~ 160ltr: for 4 people (bathtub)


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