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Plugin thermostats come in many designs. For example, there are plug-in thermostats that are programmable and plug-in thermostats that are not programmable. And of course there are plug-in thermostats that are suitable for heating or cooling. For example, the TC500 is suitable for heating or cooling and has a built-in pump switch function, also equipped with an internal sensor and an external sensor is supplied with it. The Schloss plugin analog thermostat has a heating or cooling function. The TC200 is super simple with its three button operation and the TC300 is the same as the TC200 but with a programming option. The TC400 is not a thermostat but a receiver, this can be connected to the RF Optima R2 or the RF Optima Eazy. A wide choice for everyone. The TC200, TC300, TC400 and the TC500 are available for the France and Western european market.


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